Internet Marketing Since 1999

Pinpoint Online Inc. has provided search engine optimization services to some of North America's largest (and smallest) companies since 1999. Our method of integrating hand-coded, results-oriented strategies into new and existing websites has brought proven results to hundreds of satisfied customers over the years, and all this while leaving the design integrity intact.

Search engines remain the leading method for driving targeted traffic and hence more sales to websites. Capture people while they are in "buy mode" by ensuring your site is listed above your competitors'. With millions of searches per day, if you aren't ranked well across the top search engines, you are as good as invisible to your online market.

Pinpoint has been working with search engines for over 10 years, studying their algorithms and honing techniques that will ensure your site gets into the first page of results for your chosen keywords, and stay there. Our years of experience have afforded us a great deal of insight into what criteria search engines rely on to establish site rankings. We take full advantage of this criteria by integrating behind-the-scenes changes to your site that fit the search engine's algorithms like a glove. This, in turn, influences the engines to give your site high priority in the search results pages.

As well, our search engine optimization is out in the open where our clients learn the techniques for optimizing their own site, and they can then maintain optimization themselves without the need of a third-party, cutting costs in the long run. All Pinpoint search engine optimization is "white-hat" only. We will never use unneeded, unscrupulous methods that may harm your site in the future. Because of this our clients' results last for years without any major overhauls.

Pinpoint has already delivered significant, measurable impact to clients like Pfizer, Bell Canada and iPerceptions. With hundreds of satisfied clients under our belts, we know that we can help drive more targeted traffic to your site.

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